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  • Get members-only discounts on my courses.
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  • And much more.

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"I enjoy the Patreon page content and feel I have really learned and benefited from it. It's great to have a forum to share your art. I always look forward to the new brushes each month and seeing Aaron demonstrate how to use them. I think the content offered is good value for the money."

- Linda B.

"I find that Aaron's tutorials are at a good level for me and I don't mind sending him a few dollars each month to help him with his work. I like to explore the new brushes he makes available via Patreon every month. I have been a Patron for about two years."

- Glenson J.
"Giving rewards is a kind thing to do but-- I certainly don't expect them. My reward is when I send you a picture and you reply! Good, bad or ugly - you reply. I pledge because I see value in the act. Your tutorials and classes have been a great help to me in understanding how to benefit from using painter. You show me how to improve and enjoy one of my dreams - painting. THANK YOU."

- Thomas I.


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